How to turn event participants into active participants

An active event participant is a participant who contributes to the event beyond simply attending it and, sometimes, having paid an entrance fee.

Active participants are engaged in the event and contribute to it fluidly, sometimes unknowingly through small things, like asking questions. We will focus here on engaging the participants before and during the event.

Why get event participants active

Their energy level goes up. Their attention is more taken. Their ability to share within the event and network is increased. And most importantly their satisfaction goes up, the overall perception of the event’s success goes up and so does the probability the participant will be back.

People are often more engaged in an event when they contribute to it. It ‘s well known that if you get something “free”, you value it less than if you have payed for it. And also you will value a piece of work more if you have chipped in.

How a participant can be active

Some ways a participant can engage:

  • Proposing ideas / making suggestions for the event
  • Voting on ideas/suggestions for the event
  • Providing real-time feedback of the event’s components
  • Collaborating to establish the events basics: its name, objectives, etc.
  • Contributing a relevant piece of content
  • Sharing a piece of content
  • Mentioning / promoting the event online to contacts or social media group(s)
  • etc

How to help a participant be active

  • Give access to and promote to participants availability of preparatory material
  • Open up channels to collaborate (feeds, collaborative spaces, etc.)
  • Give many ways and opportunities for participants to write their ideas/input and make sure that input is displayed transparently


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