Easy-to-use software for conference management

Organizing conferences can get complicated: the agenda alone can be complex to build with so many people involved, and then hard to keep up to date. From the time contributors submit abstracts to the time they are selected as speakers and need to upload their presentations, there’s always a deadline looming. Add to that the complications of file formats, compatibility and sharing the right material with the right people. Then there’s the question of how you’ll handle remote participants. As a conference organizer, you know that’s just the beginning.

Enter eventSPRING, an easy-to-use, online solution that’s already thought of everything. eventSPRING helps you build agendas, invite speakers and attendees and collect, display, and share presentations.
Speakers are autonomous in eventSPRING. They can upload and preview exactly what they will present. And just to save you one more headache, they’ll use the eventSPRING conversion tool to easily ensure their presentations will display beautifully across all kinds of devices – with or without an Internet connection.
Organizers can choose when and which participants can access information and handouts.

How will you benefit?
Save time preparing and organizing content for your conferences
Run presentations smoothly during the conference
Share presentations and handouts easily
Impress all your participants with an easy-to-use, fluid online solution

For more info, watch our brief video: conference organization software