Boost GoToMeeting with eventSPRING

GoToMeeting™, by Citrix, is a tool for online conferencing. eventSPRING  is a tool for meeting organization and presentation management. Using both tools together is great to hold structured online or hybrid meetings with agendas, speakers and presentations.



What you can do with GoToMeeting (GTM):

  • Connect online with people to talk, share video-camera, share a person’s screen, share control of a computer. Who can do what is controlled by any of the organizers.
  • Before the online meeting: invitation tracking and document sharing.
  • After: polling can be conducted and recording can be shared.

What you can do with eventSPRING:

A tool to organize more efficiently structured meetings with presentations:

  • Build an agenda that is shared online with multiple agenda-items and rooms
  • Enable speakers and not only organizers to upload their presentations
  • Make sure presentations are compatible to be presented in any conference room with an elegant agenda to navigate through the meeting presentations
  • Enable presenting in any room with or without Internet connection

To conduct an online structured meeting with presentations:

  • Before: use eventSPRING to prepare the agenda, to send the invitations including the GoToMeeting hyperlink, and for speakers to upload presentations and handouts.
  • During: Organizer opens eventSPRING to access the event’s Run mode and present through it. Organizer uses GoToMeeting to share his computer screen. Organizer can use GoToMeeting to record and to chat. Online participants access GoToMeeting.
  • After: use eventSPRING to give access to recordings per day and room

What’s the best use for eventSPRING?

  • Any meeting internal/external with a few speakers who have presentations
  • External meetings (roadshows, workshops like day-training-of-hairdresser or maybe? day-training-of-dermatologist)
  • Small and medium conferences

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