LinkedIn is a great tool to promote eventSPRING


LinkedIn™ is by far the leading social network for conducting business networking, sharing business opinions, engaging in business conversations. LinkedIn is the one big network though small business social networks include Viadeo in France and Xing in China.

It is important to note that LinkedIn users read more than they post so only a small number of users are very active on LinkedIn: opinions expressed on LinkedIn need to be filtered and adjusted.

With LinkedIn, eventSPRING listens to target customers
Listening is beneficial so that we can adjust the marketing message. First I select relevant industry groups. Then I read posts shared within the Group

With LinkedIn, I can share my thoughts and thus promote my brand
As I read the posts, I can indicate i like a post, share my own comments or re-share posts.

With LinkedIn, I expand the network and recruit Prospects and Promoters
I try to engage with people who may be interested in what eventSPRING has to offer by proposing to connect or sendings inmails.

With LinkedIn, I gain customers
And of course, I use LinkedIn to keep the connection active with potential customers.

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