Checklist for a successful meeting

Meetings are different in purpose, audience, form, size, etc. Nonetheless there are some best practices in terms of what to do to prepare for a meeting, run a meeting, and follow-up on a meeting. So we have put together a checklist for a successful meeting to help you remember what one should not forget.

Before the meeting

  • Define the purpose of the meeting
  • Draft an agenda
  • Select possible participants and invite them
  • Decide the basics of the meeting (in person or remote, start/end date and time, venue for the meeting)
  • Finalize and distribute agenda with roles assigned for each slot like speakers, moderators, scribes, etc.
  • Collect and share as needed supporting material and presentation material
  • Secure and verify presentation equipment and meeting logistics

During the meeting

  • State the purpose of the meeting
  • Display agenda updated as needed
  • Stick to the agenda, stay on-time
  • Have a place to track decisions, agreed upon next steps, parking lot for new topics, etc.
  • At the end of the meeting run through decisions and next steps and schedule follow-up meeting if needed

Follow-up to the meeting

  • Distribute followup minutes (decisions, next steps and invite for follow-up meeting)
  • File minutes and documents in a place where you can easily find them
  • Track delivery of next steps

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